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A Song A Day Keeps the Brain At Bay

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Jul 29 '12
Balance and Composure - I Can't Do This Alone (Only Boundaries)


Balance and Composure - “I Can’t Do This Alone”

I gave up long ago, thought you’d never show.
I saw your face shine like the sun, it glows, thought I’d let this go.

Your depression shows when you talk about home.
You said: “I can’t wait to leave this town and go away on my own”.

I always see you in my sleep, it goes on and on until I’m waking.
It’s hard to get by these days, it goes on and on until I’m breaking.

Jul 27 '12
Balance And Composure - Stonehands (Separation)

Stonehands - Balance and Composure

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Jun 14 '12

The Depths - Of Mice & Men

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Jun 12 '12
The Ghost Inside - This Is What I Know About Sacrifice (Get What You Give)

This Is What I Know About Sacrifice - The Ghost Inside

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May 27 '12
Kings Of Leon - Cold Desert (Only By The Night)

Cold Desert - Kings Of Leon

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May 11 '12
Man Overboard - Dear You (Noise From Upstairs)

Dear You - Man Overboard

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May 9 '12
Handguns & Debauchery - Eyes Open Wide (Predator EP)

Eyes Open Wide - Handguns & Debauchery

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Apr 9 '12
Tongue Tied - Grouplove. (Released: 2011).
Apr 8 '12
I See Stars - Endless Sky (Feat. Danny Worsnop) (Digital Renegade)

Endless Sky (Feat. Danny Worsnop) - I See Stars

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Apr 6 '12
The Weeknd - Outside (Echoes Of Silence)

Outside -  The Weeknd

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